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131st International Labour Day festival 2017

Posté le : mai 3, 2017, Par : Hannah - Dans : Actualités

MINTP meet up with the enthusiasm of colourful and unique fabrics, an indication of peaceful and intimacy within the workers

The international Labour Day was a platform that brings together all workers both public and private sectors to demonstrate their knowhow and to express their feelings towards the term of work. The International Labour Day has always been characterized by long time matching at the 20 Mai Boulevard in Yaounde where many workers call for safe working condition.

The Ministry of Public Works commemorate the event with lots of keenness showing their colourful nature of fabrics to demonstrate their know-how, an indication of good working environment with their Minister, under the theme: “Social dialogue economic growth and coherence”.

The 131st edition of the International Labour Day, was marked in Yaounde by ground parade match for over 400 thousand workers from the public and private sectors to blend work social insurgency and social dialogue which was the message given by the labour and social security Minister.

The Minister of Labour and Social security, Gregoire Owona, in his key speech emphasis on workers to be very careful if they are to call on strikes they should have tangible reason for that and by so doing dialogue should be carried out in all the institutions so that it will be possible for the workers to table up their problems, he equally exhausted employers to respect the laws that guarantee and protects the privileges of the workers and on the part of the employees to respect the collective convention signed to better the working conditions of the respective employers. He also ensured Cameroonians that as the country strives to attained emergence the government will continue to implement measure that will enable the workers to get the best.

Worth noting is that social dialogue is very important due to diverting interest between the workers and the employee so there is that need of social dialogue to understand themselves and work towards the common gold so that Cameroonians can attained its objectives coming 2035.

Lastly at the demonstration ground parading at the 20 Mai Boulevard was highly acknowledge by the workers of the Ministry of Public Works in their unique model of fabrics which brings out the nature and looks of MINTP.

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