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Journal des projets

Development of the Kumba-Mamfe road: effective work will soon start

Posté le : oct. 30, 2014, Par : Hannah - Dans : Journal des Projets

The Minister of Public Works has promised to do the best to enable the International Labour Office to meet up with all the objectives set out in the Technical Assistance Convention.

Fresh air will soon blow on the people of Kumba-Mamfe in the South-west Region. It is for this reason that the International Labour Office (ILO) organised a seminar under the theme "Youth Employment" based on the activities of the Kumba-Mamfe Road Construction Project, which today confirms the wish of the Head of State, his Excellency Paul Biya, to implement the political program of Greater Accomplishments which will finally place the Republic of Cameroon at the level of emerging countries by the year 2035.

The contract for the construction of the Kumba-Nfaitock road section has been awarded to the CHINA COMMUNICATIONS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, and the Nfaitock-Bachuo-Akagbe road section has been awarded to the JIANGSU Engineering TRANSPORTATION GROUP. These two companies are already on the field and are carrying out survey activities with the construction of their living quarters. The first part of the Socio-economic impacts on monitoring and evaluation which is done by the National Institute of Statistics, is already going on.

The Kumba-Mamfe road construction project includes the tarring of the road between Kumba and Mamfe. The main road will consist of earthworks, construction of the pavement with good laterite, compacted gravel to a height of at least 50 cm and covering 5 cm asphalt concrete road, of 151 km over on a width of 10 meters, including the construction and / or rehabilitation of several bridges and many culverts and gutters. Concerning the social facility works, one hundred and eighteen (118) km of rural roads will be created, ten (10) kilometers of which will be done ​​by the ILO labour intensive approach, five (05) Women's Empowerment and Family centres, four (04) multipurpose Youth Development Centers, and six (06) market sheds will be offered to the population, one forestry and wildlife control station at Konye, two (02) footbridges at Konye and Bakebe, thirty one (31) drying areas and six (06) schools in the area covered by the project will be constructed, not forgetting the rehabilitation of the Konye District Hospital.

The total length of the road is 101.5km for an estimated cost of 54.669.282.970 cfaf linking the Manyu and Kupe Manengouba Division. Being the project owner MINTP thought it wise to break the project into two Lots, in order to facilitate its construction. Lot 1, Kumba-Bakundu with the total length of (54.44km) was awarded to China Construction Company Ltd and Lot 2, to Jiangsu Provincial Transportation Engineering Group Ltd. Both companies have 36 months to complete the work.

The project is jointly financed by three donors: the African Development Bank (ADB), the loan agreement amounts to a total of 37.370 billion cfaf, the Bank of Central African States (BEAC) to the tune of 25 billion cfaf and the State of Cameroon is to invest 23.38 billion cfaf.

- As for the institutional support activities in the transport sector, it will be provided with one hundred and thirty two (132) sets of small agricultural equipment and Intermediate Means of Transport (IMT) to women's associations. They will also be provided with two ambulances and other small equipment for emergency road accident cases in order to support improvement of road safety. The Road Master Plan will also be updated in this project, monitoring and assessment socio-economic impact activity of the project will be performed by the National Institute of Statistics (NIS) and the creation of youth employment and enhancement of youth employability through the Kumba -Mamfe road construction work activity. This has been assigned to the Office of International Labour Organization, given its experience in that field.

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