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Posté le : mars 18, 2020, Par : ngono - Dans : Actualités

Making a balance sheet 25 years after the Beiging Conference in China

The women of the Ministry of Public Works were present in their numbers on March 8, 2020 to celebrate the 35th edition of the International Women’s Day under the theme: “Promoting gender and protecting women’s rights by 2020: taking stock of actions undertaken, setting a new course. A theme that was reflected upon during a conference on march 5 as part of activities to mark the event in which the women narrowed down their focus to the building and the public works sector. They discussed on the level of integration of women in the public works sector, challenges faced and their rights with regards to men. They equally brainstormed on possible solutions to improve on women’s status as well as promote gender and protect their rights.

A balance sheet of the status of women in the Ministry of Public Works, 25 years after the Beiging Conference shows that so far women occupy 99 posts of responsibility at the Central Services among which a Director General, three Directors and eight sub Directors. While the devolved services carry 26 duty posts among which three Departmental Delegates, one sub director and ten Chief of Services. Besides, most of these duty posts are administrative and very few in the technical field. Though lauding the efforts made so far by the Minister of Public Works, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, there was still a plea to hierarchy for much more to be done given that the margin is still wide with regards to men; with the close to a thousand posts of responsibilities in the Ministry of Public Works, women occupy only 125 giving a percentage rate of about 15%. They were however exhorted to work harder so as to earn more appointments and close up the gap.

The MINTP women also treated themselves to a site visit to the water supply at Nkometou in Nachtigal. They also visited the Government Bilingual Practicing School Yaounde and a Goetechnical laboratory where young girls in these institutions were enlightened on the importance of choosing a career in building and public works.

After the amazing match past at the May 20th Boulevard in Yaounde, the women gathered at the Center Regional Delegation for Public Works for a Luncheon offered in their honour by the Minister of Public Works, who was present and accompanied by the Secretary of Sates at the Ministry of Public Works in charge of Roads, Armand Djodom and a host of male collaborators. It was a time of relaxation and merrymaking with the MINTP boss.

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