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MINTP scrutinize road map to improve road network in the country

Posté le : févr. 7, 2019, Par : Hannah - Dans : Actualités

The Minister of Public Works, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, organizes one week intense scrutiny of ongoing road construction, rehabilitation and maintenance projects in the country with the stakeholders involved. The evaluation meeting opened on Monday February 4, 2019 at the conference hall of the Emergence Building, presided over by the Minister of Public Works.

According to the Monday program 14 (fourteen) different ongoing projects were reviewed. The projects grounded National roads No 4 is built on Ebebda-Kalong with a roundabout towards Obala; Kalong-Tonga; National roads No 6- Babadjou-Bamenda; National roads No 8 -Nfaitock-Bachuo-Akagbe; National roads No 9-Mintom-Lele; Lele-Ntam; National roads No 15-Batchenge-Ntui and a bridge over Sanaga river; Ntui-Mankim; Mankim-Yoko; Yoko-Lena; Lena-Sengbe; Sengbe-Tibati and Zambi-Kribi including the metallic bridges.

This initiative is to scrub out laxity on the field and some difficulties encountered. After the exhibitions show, the stakeholders assured the Minister that, efforts have been steeped up to get the works done and done with lots of effectiveness thereby improving the road network in the country they further said in some areas first coat of tar has been laid in the near future, the final coat of tar, road signs and safety walls will be put in place.

As a remainder this evaluation meeting was chaired by Minister Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi himself till the end, some problems were raised, from the Minister observation and king listening to all the stakeholders concern and with their views in cropping and eradicating the poor road network in Cameroon, amongst all the constructions companies involved, Mr. Minister get interested in the level and nature of works done with lots of enthusiasm by the SOGA-SATOM, he congratulated them for a work well done in all their projects.

Further observation went as fast rolling, some were not well planned and executed, others had insufficient staff, lack of engineers and more others, in such case Minister Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, gave a firm instruction and serious warning to lazy, laxity company to “sit up and draft a table carrying their work schedule on how the progress of work has to be done in order to attain the gold, if within a week is not done contracts will be withdrawn from those companies” He urged them to organised monthly working meeting with the Control Mission and engineers, and transmit the report immediate to him, to help facilitate the work. He went further instructing them to delivered projects within the timeframe.

The solemnity of the Minister was too hot to handle, looking at the reactions of the stakeholders, it is an evidence that work on the field will improve and certain laxities will be eradicated, since effective follow-up on financial issues promised to be redressed to pay stakeholders in time without any delay.


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