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Rehabilitation and Construction works in some rural areas

Posté le : févr. 13, 2017, Par : Eliane - Dans : Actualités

The rehabilitation works on the road Njikwa-Amassi in Manyu division, construction works on the bridge over river Nchembeach on the road leading to Bellua Njenacha-Mbeoh-Menky in Lebialem division of the Southwest region.

According to the decision signed by the Minister of Public Works, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, No: 320/MINTP/CAB of 10 October 2016 and No: 256/MINTP/CAB of 22/09/2016 authorising sectors concerned to set up an ad hoc committee to be in-charge for the execution works under the direct intensive labour force to tackle stiff surface on the road. According to the new system of work implemented without delay.

The rehabilitation works on the road Njikwa-Amassi of 19,5km is a contract that is been negotiated within the committee involved to execute the project using direct intensive labour force starting with the cleaning of 100 linear metres, treatment of deep gullies, rock filling and deforestation. This intensive labour force method implemented for this project is sponsored by two parties, for an approximate amount of 161, 359 560 FCFA, so far, MINTP is to offer 16 135 956 FCFA, for the control mission and Road Fund 145 223 604 FCFA for the rehabilitation works.

The other project that involve the construction of a bridge over the river Nchembeach on the road leading to Bellua Njenacha-Mbeoh-Menky is sponsored by MINTP for an estimated amount of FCFA 30 000 000 million, an authorisation letter has been signed since September 2016.

The direct intensive labour forces will be done by the engineers from the Ministry of Public Works, it is an indication that the road Njikwa-Amassi and the construction of the subsequent bridge will increase the living standard given the fact that it is a road that leads to many farms to market roads.



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