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Public Works 2016 budget: Building of Infrastructure as priority action

Posté le : janv. 6, 2016, Par : Hannah - Dans : Actualités

Minister Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi defended his ministry budgetary at the Finance and Budget Committee of the National Assembly on the 10th December 2015, on the occasion of the reviewing of fiscal 2015 draft budget of the Ministry of Public Works.

As evidence, the budget allocated to the Ministry of Public Works for fiscal 2016 witnessed stands at FCFA 484,448 billion, as commitment authorized and FCFA 403,931 for payment of credits shares as against FCFA 344,983 billion last year, to improve on roads, bridges, buildings, in a bid to increase competitiveness and the economic social and environmental effectiveness.

The budget is been divided into 04 (four) programs for the strategic anchorage of MINTP, the second part is the balanced sheet of MINTP’s performance during the three years of the program budget and the third part outline the 2016 draft budget of MINTP, as well as its main priorities. Lastly in part four, was to implement the Triennial Emergency Plan for the acceleration of growth.

Minister Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi made this declaration at the Finance and Budget Committee of the National Assembly on Thursday the 10thDecember 2015. Before entering into the priority projects for 2016, he lineout the PIB commitment rate, excluding external financing, which rose from 52% in 2013 to 93% in 2014 and 93 standstill in 2015. Meanwhile, the physical performances recorded stand at 64% in 2013, 94% in 2014 and 95% in 2015. His analysis stated that over 300km of roads have been rehabilitated during the period of 2013-2015.

Worth nothing, the budget allocated to MINTP for 2016 varies from FCFA 484.448 billion and FCFA 403.931 billion for the payment of credits shared in 2016. According to the Minister, some of the projects envisage will be constructed with a public investment budget of the ministry. the following have been set to fulfill the missions assigned to MINTP and civil engineering sector spelled out by GESP in the new organization chart of the road network; in the mindset, the Minister visualize a better way in achieving these objectives;

  • Regional corridors (trans-African, North-South corridors, CEMAC network)
  • National road networks,
  • Major accompaniment infrastructure of the sector
  • Major industrial and agro-pastoral projects

The breaking down of the functioning budget goes as follows;

Per economic heads:

  • Investment: FCFA 334.650 billion
  • Running budget: FCFA 69.281 billion

Per financing:

  • PIB on ordinary internal Resources:  FCFA 72.000 billion
  • Real PIB counterpart: FCFA 25. 000 billion
  • PLANUT: FCFA 97.000 billion
  • External resources: FCFA 140.650 billion giving the total of FCFA 334.650 billion.

According to the statistics of MINTP budget which stands at FCFA 403.931 billion in payment of credits, with an increase of FCFA 78.181 billion in absolute value, and 24% in relative value, compared to the FCFA 325.750 billion for the current financial year. The public investment budget stands at FCFA 237 650 billion, dropped by FCFA 16. 975 billion, in addition, the sum of FCFA 10.000 billion will be allocated to councils for the maintenance of the rural roads of their respective jurisdiction, whereby one project of more than one billion has been selected per region as part of the priority investment program (PIP). A reshaped of road landscape looms on the horizon in 2016.

The priority action of MINTP in 2016 goes towards the construction of road projects, some of the roads that are to be construction in 2016 include; Yaounde-Douala (Phase 1) motorway (Length 68km + 25km of restoration roads, Sangmelima-Ouesso, sagmelima-Bikoula length 65km, Bikoula-Djoum length 38km, Djoum-Mintom-Congo border length 98km, Foumban-Manki length 40km, Manki-Mappe bridge length 25km, Obala-Batchenga-Bouam stretches: Nkolessong-Ndingand Nanga-Eboko slip road length 95km, Ndop-Kumbo of the Ring Road length, Douala Eastern gateway length 19.2km, Douala Western gateway length 13.1km and Second Bridge over river Wouri.

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