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Public Works 2015 budget: Building of Infrastructure as priority action

Posté le : déc. 5, 2014, Par : Hannah - Dans : Actualités

Minister Patrice Amba Salla defended the ministry’s budgetary of FCFA 344,983 billion as against FCFA 262, 6 billion last year

Beside the new organigramme of the Ministry of Public Works which contained in a presidential decree of September 13, 2014 creating a department of infrastructure which is suppose to partner with other structures in the construction of rail, ports (sea and air), energy, as well as environmental projects, and that of technical studies, placed under a General Director, to serve as a reference point in matters of technical studies of projects and to follow-up public infrastructures in the country.

Minister Patrice Amba Salla made the declaration after defending the Ministry of Public Works budgetary allocation for 2015 in the Committee on Finance and Budget of the National Assembly on Monday the 1st December 2014. The priority action of the Ministry of Public works in 2015 will be to the building of the second bridge over river Wouri, Yaounde-Douala express road, Ring Road with six sections, the main building of the ministry and many other projects that concern construction, maintenance and rehabilitation. Regarding the project to be realized, such as; Foumba-Manki where the present situation stands at 77% with 17 km long, Bachuo Akagbe-Mamfe-Ekok stands at 57% with 83 km long, Bamenda-Batibo-Noumba stands at 100% waiting for reception, Nandeke-Mbere a road of 89 km and Mbere-Ngaoundere 89 km, 40% for Djoum-Mintom 83 km and Sangmelima-Bikoula stands at 19%, Nkolessong-Nding 37% and Nding-Mbgaba 19% and the entrance to Douala stands at 6%.

Patrice Amba Salla defended a budgetary allocation of FCFA 344.983 billion against FCFA 262.6 billion in 2014. According to the minister, some of the project envisage will be constructed with a public investment budget of the ministry, an estimated sum of FCFA 254.258 billion  against FCFA 196.728 billion for 2014. The 2015 budget of FCFA 344,983 billion will be divided among other things such as;

-        Investment                                 -         FCFA 254,04 billion

-        Running budget                          -         FCFA 71,709 billion

-        Financing of projects  (PIB)         -         FCFA 254,258 billion

Beside building infrastructures, the Minister of Public Works also intends to continue maintaining the existing infrastructure through the rehabilitation of the road network and improve the tarring of 120 km traffic roads, maintaining and protecting existing roads through effective coverage and management of rain toll-gates and weighing stations. The ministry equally plans to conduct technical studies for infrastructure as well as intensify governance and institutional support in the Public Work Sub-sector since it has what it takes now with the addition of two General Directors to reinforce the technical studies of projects and to follow-up the quality and cost as well as deadline of the public infrastructure in the country.


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