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North-west: Maintenance of some major roads in the western network

Posté le : oct. 31, 2014, Par : Hannah - Dans : Actualités

Transformation in high gear, this project is no longer a dream but a reality that has taken shape and is impacting on the economy of the area.

The road which is within the framework of a joint Cameroon-Nigeria project, code named, Nkambe-Berabe-Ako (D74), Ako-Abongsie border to Nigeria (7D4), Misaje border with Nigeria (D105) and Kakar-towards Adamawa Region (P26). The multinational road and transport facilitation programme seeks to maintain the 153 km road from Cameroon to Nigeria borders which will boost relationships and socio-economic ties between the two countries.

The physical work done on the site is about 80%, as indicated by the engineers executing and controlling the project. According to the engineers of ETS SAWI Company, in charge of the execution of the project and CERBAT the company carrying out control, the first phase of the 153 km maintenance road project is progressing and preparatory works are ongoing on the second and third phase. The contract was awarded under No 135/M/MINTP/CPM-ERRP/2010. The road maintenance project that is at least 153km long has been split into four lots;

-         Lot 1;       Nkambe-Berabe-Ako (D74)

-         Lot 2;       Ako-Abongsie border to Nigeria (7D4)

-         Lot 3;       Misaje border with Nigeria (D105) and,

-         Lot 4;       Kakar-towards Adamawa Region/NW (P26)

The maintenance work is contracting for specific items of maintenance work, such as the resealing, overlay or reconstruction of a specific length of pavement are widely used and there is considerable experience. However, particularly for road maintenance works, there is often a need for contracts to cover a wider scope of work. Routine and periodic maintenance operations are sometimes contracted separately. Walls of the loose soils surrounding the road are being reinforced with concrete.

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