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MINTP launching the rehabilitation works at the East Entrance to the town or Douala

Posté le : nov. 19, 2019, Par : Hannah - Dans : Actualités

Extension and rehabilitation works at the East entrance to Douala will in the days ahead begin. The information was disclosed this Thursday by engineers of the Canadian Construction Company (MAGIL) and the Ministry of Public Works during a closed door meeting held and chaired by the General Director of Infrastructure at the Ministry of Public Publics, Madam Lekeufack nee Metangmo Ndemanou Christine Virginie.

The main aim of this technical meeting with all engineers, administrative and other stakeholders involved with the Ministry of Public Works was to strive ways at which traffic problems can be resolved through this project, the emergence for the kick start works on the site is to limit huge traffic equation in to the east end of Douala unfortunately its takeoff points is still cripping but the fast approach of the international events like the 2020 African National Championship and the 2021 African Cup of Nations necessitate quick actions.

The General Director, of infrastructure, Madam Lekeufack nee Metangmo Ndemanou Christine Virginie on her part disclosed that; everything has been put in place to ensure the smooth takeoff of this project, which we have evaluated the possible areas with lapses and come out with the possible solutions on how to tackle such problem during the process of execution. By weekend the construction company will start defining its works so that traffic flow can be reestablished.

Speaking during the meeting the Vice president International Operations, Franck Mathiere representing the Construction company (MAGIL) made it clear that within a week they have to work intensively with the other sectors involved like Camtel, Camwater, Egis and Eneo to clearly define strategies on how work should be done, after that in three months they will start fully by constructing the two by two road to give free access into the Japoma Stadium.

The Ministry of Public Works in its huge task striving to make sure that the closed to 9km road which touches so many junctions in that locality especially at the entrance to the Japoma stadium be perfectly rehabilitated. The multi- million projects is expected to be executed in 18 months.

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